How to extract data from Wix

Quick tutorial using Wix Webhook and Strech Platform.

Often, We require to integrate our generated data in our Wix site to a 3rd party applications, like:​

CRM, ERP, Salesforce, MongoDB, Postgres, etc…

Strech platform

How to do it?

Great question. Please follow the next steps -

  1. Head over to your Wix dashboard.

4. On the right-top corner, click on “New Automation”

5. Choose a name for the automation, And choose what would be the trigger.

Each form that will be submitted under the category you define, will send its data to the same configured webhook (location)

6. Choose “Connect to Webhook”. Provide the URL given from the Strech Stream pipeline

(Tutorial: How to create a strech streaming pipeline)

You are ready!