Our story and usage of NATS.IO.

We are “Strech”, The Data Streaming Platform the world loves.

To understand our choice, we need to start by understanding our needs, define KPIs, and then compare the possible solutions and their deployment options, protection abilities, scaling, support, community, and not less important —…

Quick tutorial using Wix Webhook and Strech Platform.

Often, We require to integrate our generated data in our Wix site to a 3rd party applications, like:​

CRM, ERP, Salesforce, MongoDB, Postgres, etc…

Strech platform

How to do it?

Great question. Please follow the next steps -

  1. Head over to your Wix dashboard.
  2. Enter your site’s dashboard.
  3. At the menu on left: Customer Management->Automations

DockerCon 2019 San Francisco — KeyNotes

With Docker Enterprise 3.0, developers can rapidly build multi-service container-based applications right from their desktop and package them in a standardized format that can be shared seamlessly and run anywhere. In addition, Docker Enterprise 3.0 …

Yaniv Ben-Hemo

Big Data, Cloud, and everything between

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